Ken-Tenn Food Bank

211 Carr St, Fulton, KY

P.O. Box 1274


The Ken-Tenn Food Bank is now in its 10th year of serving commodities, serving over 250 families each month in Fulton, Hickman, Fulton County, and South Fulton. This is accomplished through three programs each month at the Food Bank:: CSFP, TEFAP, and One for 84.

The CSFP program: Commodities for Seniors Food Program, distributes commodities monthly on the 3rd Friday of each month from 10-11 to residents age 60 or over who live in Fulton, Hickman, or Fulton County and earn less than $1307 monthly. To apply for this program one should come to the Food Bank on the 3rd Friday between 10- 11 and bring proof of residence and proof of age, as well as proof of income such as a statement from SSI identifying monthly income. 

The TEFAP program: For people and families of all ages in need in Fulton, Hickman, and Fulton County. This program meets on the 4th Friday of each month from 10-11. Income along with the number of people in the household determines the financial requirements and number of boxes received. 
1 person can earn no more than $1307 monthly
2. - $1760
3- $2353
4- $2846
5 - $3339
6- $3832
7- $4325
You must have proof of residence, names, SS# of people in the household, and proof of income.

The One for 84 program: First Saturday of each month and is for South Fulton residents in need, earning $ 1307 or less for 1 person. To register you will need proof of residence and proof of income.

Emergency boxes my be received by contacting the church office , 270-472-3531.

The schedules for the Food Bank may be found in the Shopper each week.

This program has been most successful due to the many giving volunteers who are committed to serving others. First Methodist Church, Cayce Methodist Church, Parkway Church of Christ , Trinity Episcopal and The Church of Latter Day Saints are faithful monthly supporters who are dedicated to caring for those in need. Donations are always accepted and needed to help us continue to serve.

Ginger Bard