Feeding America Update

The Ken-Tenn Foodbank will be expanding it’s outreach of distributing  commodities to Tennessee residents living in poverty who reside in South Fulton and surrounding Obion County in March.

There are some slight differences from the programs now done in Fulton County including:

  1. Residents initially will be required to register in advance. This will be done on Tuesday February 19th at the South Fulton municipal complex in the Harvey Vick room between 10AM and noon. There will be signs posted for the office in the back of the building.

  2. Each registered recipient will be issued an ID card to be presented on the distribution day which is Saturday March 2nd from 10AM until noon. Distribution will be done from the railroad museum in the back of the building.

This additional program called “One for 84” will give the Ken-Tenn Foodbank the opportunity to serve the rest of the Twin Cities area which was not possible with our current outreach. Thank you to all of the organizations and individuals who have contributed to this program that have made it possible.


Newsletter to the churches and volunteers who support the foodbank.   

We thank you for your continued support. We are now in our 5th year of distributing commodities to the needy of Fulton County.

Your financial support of the organization and the many volunteers have made the operation a resounding success. There is now a plan in place to expand further to include the needy residents of South Fulton and surrounding Obion County in the near future. We’ll be contacting Tennessee churches and organizations for support of this new outreach.

Beginning the last few months, we have started to bring commodities to seniors living in Hickman @ the 1st UMC there so they do not have to travel to Fulton to get their allocation of food.

Unfortunately the TEFAP program in 2012 saw a reduced number and quantity of commodities coming from PADD each month due to the economy. In order to supplement this, the Board of Directors approved a program called “Feeding America” wherein we purchase additional commodities @ 19cents a pound. This has proven very beneficial in keeping the number and quantity of commodities at a reasonable level. Although this has been an added expense to our operation, the donations from our member churches, as well as other organizations and individuals have enabled us to deal with this so far.

FYI - based on data from PADD, our foodbank has distributed over 111,000lbs of commodities in the last 18 months!!  In addition, especially during the Christmas season, we received a huge number of donations from various organizations and individuals that have filled our shelves to overflowing. I hesitate to list all of these donors for fear of missing some, but let it be known that all are greatly appreciated, especially by the needy in our community