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From the Pastor's Desk (3-26-2014)

Greeting in the name of Christ:

     Fulton First UMC has entered into an agreement with CYMT (Center for Youth Ministry Training).  We have with them a three year contract to hire a graduate student as our youth minister for 25 hours per week.  We will be working in the next couple of months to do upgrades to the second floor of the Wade house to make a residence for this new addition to our team. Today we do not know who this minister will be.   CYMT recruits nationally and the person coming here has sensed a calling specifically to youth ministry.  We anticipate knowing the identity by the end of April and we will meet the candidate in May.  They will be moving in sometime close to July 1 and start working with us as students return to school for the 2014-2015 school year.   All of us need to pray for the person who is coming.  Pray they are well fitted for this area. Pray for their hearts to be strengthened and pray for the youth who will come to know Christ as savior and mature in faith because of the ministry of this person.

     Another thing you need to know is that Fulton paid over $76,000 in church apportionments last year.  The number this year is lower and thankfully the Conference committee that puts the Memphis Conference budget together has met and resolved to change the formula for calculating apportionments to include credits for work done in local mission which we will include our ministry of the Willingham Center along with the vast amount of other local mission this church supports.  This will be a welcome relief to us as we continue to strive to be faithful to our mission and be supportive of the United Methodist connectional system which provides so much more for so many more beyond our local church.  Please say thanks to Bill Milliken who as a member of this committee has helped to make it happen.

     Easter Sunday is April 20th.  We will have one service at 10:50 that morning.  We will be having an ecumenical mid-day service each week day during holy week beginning at 12:10 each day.  The service will last about 20 minutes and give you time to do this and get back to the remaining part of your day.  We will have Maundy Thursday service at 7pm and Good Friday at 7pm.  Please plan to attend and invite a friend to come too.

Blessings of grace and peace, 

Pastor Keith

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Five Fruitful Practices

     Passionate Worship focuses on worship excellence; the passionate worship lay leader will be working with the pastor and other co-lay leaders to identify and implement improvements that make worship meaningful, spiritual, and is inviting.

     Intentional Faith Development focuses on growing people in faith. We know that what we work on and pay attention to matters. This is why we use the word intentional. The Intentional faith development lay leader will work with the pastor and co-lay leaders to identify and implement opportunities for innovative inviting and meaningful spiritual development.

     Radical hospitality provides for warm, welcoming persons to places of introduction to our faith community. Being warm welcoming and receptive to all persons is our goal. The radical hospitality collate leader will work with the pastor and co-lay leaders to identify opportunities for hospitality in new and innovative ways that introduce people to a warm and welcoming church environment.

     Risk-Taking Mission in Service provides for persons of faith to go into the world serving the world in the name of Jesus. People who have received Christ as Savior who have learned about his love and the values of Christian life are encouraged and feel called to serve others. Our work in risk-taking mission in service will take our faith community beyond our four walls in the name of Christ the risk-taking mission and service lay leader will work with the pastor and with other co-lay leaders to implement opportunities to serve the world in Jesus name.

     Extravagant Generosity provides an opportunity for persons of faith to give of themselves. As United Methodists we pledge to the church in our membership to give our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our testimony. The co-lay leader of extravagant generosity works with the pastor and other co-lay leaders on projects helping others to identify ways to give not just of money but of time and talents and to share testimony.

UMC Council of Bishops "Call to Action" Due to the decline in the United Methodist Church in North America, the Council of Bishops have declared a "Call to Action" to all United Methodist congregations. This 10 year plan, beginning 2012, will renew and change our denomination across the country by transforming dying congregations into vital ones.  The overall mission of the United Methodist Church is to "make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."  Additionally information and resources can be found at (click "Call to Action") and also 

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