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A Word from the Pastor (11-5-2014)

Dear Church Family,

      In this month of November we direct our attention to the word "thankful" or "thanksgiving". Both of the words imply a sense of gratuity for something which has been received. On the 11th we set aside a day of thankfulness to our veterans. Then later on the 27th we set aside a day of thankfulness for our harvest.

     For the veterans we give thanks to them for their example of sacrificial service. To the soldier who is walking on a prosthesis and the sailor who has no hearing we give thanks. To the mother whose son never came home let us express our thanks. For the men and women who each and every day have to deal with the post traumatic stress and the reliving of the horrors of war we give thanks for their service. Most of all on the day we set aside let us be people of prayer.

     On Thanksgiving let us give thanks for the harvest, the farmers, the growers of our food supply. We should show appreciation for the people who bring our food to our grocery stores. Everyone does their part and we do appreciate all they do. We should also give thanks to God. The farmers work would have no benefit if we did not have planting seasons and growing seasons and harvest seasons. For the One who makes the seasons we give thanks. For our food to grow and to produce its fruit there must be something greater than us which has designed everything for benefit. For the grass to have the nutrition that feeds the beef cow. For the rain that gives life to the grass we must give thanks. We must give thanks as we marvel at how the most excellent, most thoughtful knit together everything on this earth for it to all work together in order for us to have life.

     In 2 Samuel 22 the great king of Israel, David sings a song of thanks to God. He acknowledges the fact that his enemies could have been his demise but God intervened. He acknowledges his own finite strength or and praises the One who has infinite strength. One thing repeated over and over in the Scripture is that God is given the honor and the glory for the success that David has realized. David realizes there is something bigger than his armies, bigger than his nation and its people, bigger than the weapons and resources of the nation. David realizes and gives thanks for the power of God by which his enemies were defeated. We can say we are able, we have learned, studied, analyzed, tested, and developed more tools, more of everything, but we still do not have what really matters and that is a humble spirit of thankfulness.

     May you and I be silent and still in the presence of God giving God thanks that while those around us have given so much, may we be at work teaching the ways of peace the way of God's kingdom and how to resist the way of the world. May you and I be silent and still in the presence of God giving thanks for the provisions of life, for the harvest, for our food and the means by which we receive it. All these things are only possible because of God and it is to God we should offer our praise and our thanksgiving.

Blessings and Peace, Keith

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