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From the Pastor's Desk (July 14, 2017)  



I excitedly told a friend last week that I was going to be doing a sermon series on Micah. Her response, “I have to be honest, I have never read Micah.” It is understandable, who of us have read Micah?” Our lectionary (three-year worship cycle for biblical text prescribed to the church) only offers two short readings from Micah.

Micah is fascinating! His name means "who is the Lord?" and he was Moresheth, of a small town of Gath. He was a younger contemporary of Isaiah (the prophet we are always reading) and prophesied to both Israel and Judah during the time of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah; and of Pekah and Hoshea, the last two kings of Israel.

Micah was from a small, agricultural town that many would have thought as insignificant. He was most likely a farmer himself not like Isaiah who was of royal lineage. Micah sympathized deeply with the common people, being moved by the social wrongs of his time (Ch. 2-3), and became the people's advocate and defender as well as their accuser.

God’s condemnation via Micah is that Israel’s leaders violate the Torah by accepting bribes, favoring the wealthy, and stealing land from the poor. The book opens with the call that God will judge the unjust, rebellious people.

But at the center of his message was the promise of restoration for God’s people. Micah is a prophet that although God accuses and warns the people He also gives them hope. He will shepherd the faithful remnants and gather all the nations to Israel.

Micah was a message given 700 years before Christ. And it is a message for us 2,000 years after Christ. We are a people that are promised restoration and freedom in Christ. I hope you will join us over the next 4 weeks as we dig deeper into this ancient prophet as we examine who is God and where do we look for our restoration!

Peace and Love in Christ, 

Pastor Nancy




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