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A Word the Pastor (7-3-2014)

Greeting in the name of Christ:

     Last week this church community held a week long effort we affectionately call VBS or Vacation Bible School. There were over 90 kids in attendance through much of the week. There were around 30 volunteers here making everything work. For the children and for the volunteers and especially for our staff team including Angie and Amanda who worked hard to clean up the glitter off the carpets, THANK YOU!

     The theme for the 2014 VBS was to SHINE and the Scripture reference for the theme comes from Daniel 12:3 "Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever." The choice of this particular passage has left me something to think and pray about and I want to share it with you. In the context of Daniel chapter 12 the message is that the earth and its inhabitants will come to know a day of severe trouble. Trouble beyond anything we might have ever experienced. Trouble will come but so does God's grace. It comes to those who are wise.

     Do you not marvel at the work of the LORD? What I mean is to consider the idea that so long ago God created in his image a mortal being who is made in the image of the creator. The same mortal being who could choose foolish errant ways or wise and righteous ways. The Father gave Adam a gift, Dr. Ted Runyon calls the gift God's greatest sacrament, a sign-act demonstrating God's love, the sign-act of love, yes my friends, creation, come and live on earth with the blessings of it, and with the choice to make freely, foolish or wise. The wise receives the blessing.

     I hope you will ponder this in your meditations, in your reflections, your quiet time with the LORD. What is it that makes you wise before Abba Father? What is the thing that will place your name on the pages of the book to which the prophet Daniel refers? Come on now.... what is it? Thinking about everything you ever learned, everything you know.... what is it? That's right it is Jesus, believing in him, Christ crucified as the very Son of God come into this world so that all of the created mortals of this world can experience life the way God meant it to be.

     To shine, as Daniel describes it skilled in wisdom, not book smart but spirit smart. Spirit smart means having developed a response to God not choosing foolish ways but the good ways, the right ways. Then skilled in wisdom take on the role of servant sharing the wisdom of right choices with others. Another way to say this reasonably is to say you shall become a disciple. A disciple who believes in the truth. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born on this earth, lived and was crucified. On the third day he rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father. Let this be your testimony, forever wise one of God.

Grace and peace, 

Pastor Keith

Introducing Tori Mick - Fulton First UMC - Youth Minister (4-23-2014)

     A 2010 graduate of John Brown University, Tori's previous work includes serving as a Music Director, a Worship Coordinator, and serving as a Youth Worship Leader. She is currently serving full-time at Spring Valley UMC in Dallas, TX.

     We anticipate Tori coming to visit us in May to get meet the church leaders and the youth. Tori is expecting to join on us full time the second week of July 2014.

     I hope you will hold Tori and her family and church back in Texas in your prayers.

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